Beer gifts

Bayerns Heimatbiere

Taster. 3 Allgäu beer specialties in one carrier. The taste is as varied as the multifaceted nature of our culture and local history.
3 x 0.5l (Holzar beer, double deer, eagle king) in flip-top bottles

2er Lederhose

Wiesntracht - the packaging as original as the content.
2 x 0.5l Hüttenbier in  crown cap bottles

2er Dirndl

Wiesntracht – who can resist here. Pure Bavaria.
Full enjoyment with Weißer Hirsch – light wheat beer.
2 x 0.5l Weißer Hirsch in crown cap bottles

5l Hüttenbierfass

Fresh tap pleasure - for at home or on the go. Light export beer, tasty, full-bodied, soft and spicy, with a pleasantly rounded bitterness.
5.0l light export beer

3er Lederhosentascherl

The beer for on the go. Well chilled and loosely hung around your neck.
3 x 0.5l Holzar beer in flip-top bottles

6er Lederhosentascherl

The lederhosen for the beer. Quaint and original.
6 x 0.5l Holzar beer in flip-top bottles

6er Holzträger mit Krügen

Wooden beer carrier for party friends. True to style in an exclusive holder, made entirely of wood, with Bavarian decoration.
6 x 0.5l flip-top bottles with 2 original Holzar jugs.

Grüße aus Bayern

It's served. With charm and an expert eye. 4 selected Bavarian beer specialties with an individual character.
4 x 0.5l (Adlerkönig, hut beer, light wheat, dark wheat) crown cap bottles


Proud and magnificent like its namesake. An ideal gift for a special occasion.
2.0l light lager beer.

3l Holzar-Bier

Bigger and more rustic is not possible. The company can't be big enough. Neither is thirst, of course.
3.0l Holzar beer

Seasonal beer gifts

3L Magnumflasche Papabier

Dad is the best! The perfect gift for Father's Day. A light export beer. Sweet, full-bodied, soft, spicy and with pleasantly rounded bitterness.
3l Bayerisch Hell

3L Magnumflasche Sommerbier

Brings the sun home.
An amber export with a sunflower seed bottle tag.  The empty 3 liter magnum bottle is the perfect vase for sunny flowers.

3l amber export + sunflower seeds for planting.

3L Magnumflasche Kniabiesler

Bavarian for beginners - 3 liters of amber export with pendant German - Bavarian.
Quaint, traditional, fun.
3l amber export + dictionary booklet


It is served. With charm and a connoisseur's eye. 4 selected Bavarian beer specialties with individual character.
4 x 0,5l (Adlerkönig, Hüttenbier, Wheat beer light, Wheat beer dark) in crown cap bottles

5L Partyfass Lederhose

Export beer light in barrel - brewed according to old recipes. With 12.6% original wort and 5.2% alcohol by volume. Sweet, full-bodied, soft, spicy and with pleasantly rounded bitterness. Perfect for a larger round.
5,0l light export beer

3er Sommertascherl


Fancy a hike in a mountain hut? Light and comfortable to wear is the chic summer bag accompaniment with light export beer. Sweet, full-bodied, soft and spicy. With pleasantly rounded bitterness.

  • 3 x 0,5l Allgäuer Hüttenbier in flip-top bottles

3L Magnumflasche Bayerisches Spezialbier

As unique as the Oktoberfest. And specially brewed for the occasion. An amber export.
3l Special beer

O'zapft is - Festpaket

With our drinkable festival beer "O'zapft is" and the matching mugs, nothing stands in the way of the celebration.
2 x 1L mugs
5 x 0,5 l  O'zapft is beer in flip-top bottles

3er Wintertascherl

Time for gifts - the perfect gift for Christmas. Creatively designed shoulder bag with winter festival beer. 
3 x 0,5l Winterfestbier in flip-top bottles

3L Magnumflasche Neujahrsbier

Happy New Year! The edition to start the new year. Filled with amber export beer.
3l amber export

11er Biervielfalt

Our 11 beer variety brings the Allgäu home. Who is not sure which is his suitable beer, makes exactly the right choice with our beer variety.
11 beer varieties in 0,5l flip-top bottles:
Pils, Dark Doppelbock, Light Bock, Hüttenbier, Pale wheat beer, Dark wheat beer, Hirsch Gold, Holzar Bier, Öko Bier, Märzen, Adlerkönig