Höss Brau
und Vertrieb

Höss is the expert for the marketing of beer specialties and ambassador of the traditional Bavarian art of brewing at home and abroad, with beers that taste good and have a history. And with an interesting range of gifts that make every "beer heart" beat faster with their personality, individuality and creativity and that are constantly being supplemented with our own innovative product ideas.

About us

Thanks to many years of experience, Höss develops and produces unusual beer gifts for every occasion - of the highest quality and lovingly handcrafted for its customers - because the packaging matters.


Whether boxed goods or unusual beer gifts. On request, we will also be happy to design an individual packaging or beer label for you. Feel free to contact us.


Over 350 years of brewery history –
But when a new beer is ready,
are they the same great feelings
like back then with the first beer.