2-hours to start your beer experience

A little bit of everything…
Offering a taste of all the aspects that make beer such a sensual product. At the brewing vessel, we offer practical brewing knowledge, hear the raw materials explained, and can smell the malt and hops. At a second station, under professional
guidance, we will taste 3 speciality beers with cheese and chocolate. Food pairing – it’s a real experiment for the palate! After so much information, let’s not neglect the fun: beer activities, such as beer spiking, ‘which glass fits which beer style’, Maßkrugstemmen (how long can you hold a beer in your outstretched hand?) or beer roulette are available. There are small prizes to act as an incentive – they will be presented at the end of the event. Bookable for groups of 20-30 participants, €39.00 per person.

6-hour brewing workshop

In this workshop, you won’t be watching the beer being made: you’ll be rolling your sleeves up and joining the brewing team. The brewing and marketing team selects the recipe and creates the mash, while the heating crew focuses on controlling the temperature and the lab team oversees the spindle and iodine samples. The hygiene team stands by with the spent grain pusher, ready to remove the spent grains. The smell of hops and malt is in the air, everyone is busy stirring, measuring, adjusting and laughing. Your workshop could be just like this. But one thing is guaranteed: you will be taking a barrel full of knowledge and fun home with you. Brewing not only makes you thirsty; it makes you hungry too. We’re here to look after you with a professional beer tasting to round off the event. At the end of the course, you will proudly receive your brewer’s certificate and brewer’s handout. After maturing for 6 weeks, your individually labelled 2-litre growler will be ready for collection, or you can take the complete brew in barrels (subject to availability). Our hand-brewery is mobile – we are happy to come to your own venue! This event can also be booked for individuals in open courses.

Bookable as a closed group with 10-15 participants, €99.00 per person.

Martin Hitzler

Martin Hitzler
I am very pleased to welcome you to my brewing workshops. Just so you know what kind of a crazy guy you’re dealing with here, I’ll tell you a little bit about me. My favourite word is passion. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that it’s too short to do things you don’t enjoy doing with all your heart. I’m a passionate connoisseur, beer sommelier and mountain biker. I love new ideas and would 100% rather be crazy than conformist and boring. If there’s anything I can build and create myself, I’ll do just that. And I want to bring the high quality and distinctiveness of that noble substance we call ‘beer’ closer to people out there, to you.Would you like to book an individual group course, or do you have a question? If you would like to book a brewing workshop as a group, I can offer you dates outside the open seminars. I look forward to hearing from you! If I’m currently out mountain biking, I’ll call you back as soon as possible!

You are also welcome to e-mail me:


or call me on: 0160 355 79 03

3-hour brewing experience

Beer can do so much more!
With this event, we pair knowledge with a lot of entertainment. We combine parts of our big ‘brewing workshop’ with some entertaining elements of the ‘2-hour event’. In contrast to the 2-hour event, you can experience the art of brewing up close. We will dive deeper into the world of beer and create our own brew in small groups. After it has matured for 6 weeks, you can collect a 2-litre growler of your very own beer. And of course, your growler will also get its own individual label to mark the event. At another station there is a professional food pairing of three speciality beers with cheese and chocolate – are you ready for this experiment?!

We promise a lot of fun with our beer experience activities: beer spiking, ‘which glass suits which beer style’, Maßkrugstemmen ((how long can you hold a beer in your outstretched hand?) or beer roulette are all available. At the end of the event, everyone goes home with the knowledge ‘there’s a lot more to beer than we knew.

Bookable for groups of 20-30 participants, €69.00 per person