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Beer and chocolate
6-hour brewing workshop
An evening of myth

Establishing the Höss beer experience was a dream come true for us. We have created a meeting place for beer enthusiasts. As experts in marketing speciality beers and producers of creative and personalised beer-related gifts, we live our passion for our oldest cultural drink every day. We want to share this enthusiasm and pass it on to others. That’s why everything we do revolves around the pleasure and enjoyment in the fascinating variety of speciality beers. The Höss beer experience is a place for aficionados and the curious, for craft brewers and brewery associates, and of course above all for connoisseurs.


Are you looking for the perfect gift for him, an individual gift basket, creative souvenirs such as high-quality beer schnapps, exclusive gift bottles and packaging or fine craft beers? You’ll find them all in the Höss beer experience shop. Gift vouchers are also always well received. With a voucher for a voyage of discovery into the world of beer, you will be giving an experience they are guaranteed to remember.

Our product range

Fine speciality beers and extraordinary craft beers from the Allgäu and around the world.
Whether it’s a tasty pale, fruity IPA, Belgian Trappist beer, jet black stout, crisp tart pils, aromatic smoked beer, malty bock beer, strong beer matured in oak barrels or a very unusual Eisbock: You’ll find what you’re looking for here. We are also happy to put together your favourite craft beers as a gift basket.

Are you looking for traditional, classic Allgäu beers? You will find the entire range of the Hirschbrauerei in Sonthofen here.

Further beer experiences

Individual beer event

Are you looking for a corporate event or private party? We can create your personalised beer-themed event. Let our ideas inspire you: beer tasting, brewing course or good food with matching beer recommendations, whether in our rooms in the Höss beer experience in Sulzberg or in a location of your choice – we design your event according to your ideas. Of course, we also take care of your wellbeing beyond the beer: with a hearty snack platter, Algäuer Kässpätzle, a multi-course menu or simply with your favourite food. Just give us a call, we’ll be happy to advise you! Tel. +49 (0) 8376 97638-22 |

Classic beer tasting

Let us entice you into the world of speciality beers!
Well-loved beer types and extraordinary specialities: our beer tasting offers you a journey through the world of different beer styles, with one or two surprises to offer, even for aficionados and beer-lovers. But our beer tasting is not only a unique experience and a pleasure: you will also learn a lot about the origin and history of the different beers.
Duration: approx. 2 hours – Price: from €25 pp.

Beer and chocolate

Does beer really go with chocolate?
We think so! Combined with the right beer type, desserts, sweets and chocolates can offer completely new, delicious taste sensations. Experience selected chocolate specialities paired with characterful beers and set off on a completely new culinary path
Duration: approx. 2 hours – Price: from €30 pp.

Beer and Cheese

The perfect couple:Racy, characterful beer meets tangy cheese. An equally delicious combination is a mildly malty beer and a delicate mild cheese. Let us surprise you at a ‘Food Pairing’: experience characterful Allgäu cheese specialities along with selected beers as a wonderful alternative to wine.
Duration: approx. 2 hours – Price: from €30 pp.

Beer: woman to woman

Beer is a typical men’s drink? We don’t think so! That’s why we’ve put together this event for you: with beers that go perfectly with any girls’ night out, and offer you taste sensations that you might not expect from beer.
The tasting is enriched with all sorts of anecdotes and stories of how women rocked beer brewing for centuries – and still rock today. Duration: approx. 2 hours, price: from €30 pp.

An evening of myth

Dark stories and incredible myths, all with a beer theme. Beer has been an elixir of life over the centuries – and has always been the source of many myths and legends. Spend an evening being transported to a place of legendary rumours and incredible truths about beer. What do witches have to do with beer, where did the Eisbock come from, and what happens during spiking? A fairytale evening to demystify some of the myths.
Duration: approx. 2 hours – Price: from €30 pp.

Beery quiz night

Experience an exciting and entertaining quiz night that’s all about beer. Whether you’re a beer specialist or a beer beginner – everyone will have fun here. During the course of the evening you will learn many exciting details about humanity’s oldest cultural drink and its history. And of course, to match the theme of the evening, there will be beers to taste. A small surprise also awaits the winners of the quiz.
Duration: approx. 1.5 hours, price: from €15 pp.

Beer brunch

A Bavarian classic: Weißwurst and pretzels, and not forgetting the wheat beer of course. Special feature: along with your brunch we will present 3 speciality wheat beers, expertly explained in a cosy atmosphere by our beer sommelier.
Price: from €17 pp.

Secret Key Box

Save the Alms recipe! One hour, 60 minutes or 3600 seconds; however you look at it, time is running out! And when our
‘Secret Key’ is in the game, the second hand seems to tick at double speed. Our top secret Alms craft beer recipe has been stolen. Now we are being blackmailed, and have to pay a ransom to retrieve our recipe. Unfortunately, we don’t know the handover location. The secret box must be decoded within an hour, or our recipe will be lost forever. Perfect teamwork is of the utmost importance here! Duration: approx. 2 hours, price: on request.

6-hour brewing workshop

In this workshop, you won’t be watching the beer being made: you’ll be rolling your sleeves up and joining the brewing team. The brewing and marketing team selects the recipe and creates the mash, while the heating crew focuses on controlling the temperature and the lab team oversees the spindle and iodine samples. The hygiene team stands by with the spent grain pusher, ready to remove the spent grains. The smell of hops and malt is in the air, everyone is busy stirring, measuring, adjusting and laughing. Your workshop could be just like this. But one thing is guaranteed: you will be taking a barrel full of knowledge and fun home with you. Brewing not only makes you thirsty; it makes you hungry too. We’re here to look after you with a professional beer tasting to round off the event. At the end of the course, you will proudly receive your brewer’s certificate and brewer’s handout. After maturing for 6 weeks, your individually labelled 2-litre growler will be ready for collection, or you can take the complete brew in barrels (subject to availability). Our hand-brewery is mobile – we are happy to come to your own venue! This event can also be booked for individuals in open courses.
Bookable as a closed group with 10-15 participants, €99.00 per person.